Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today's random notes

From our friends at the GE fansite comes a new female fighter hairstyle: the Ponytail!

Front view

Side view

[What's the delivery mechanism? Karja Boxes? Premium Item Shop? And which version will this come out in? Can't read all the Japanese at that site.]

B-but I made a male fighter in Carracci, and I've no plans of making another fighter in the same server as of now T.T Dammit! I want one of these!


Yay Level 80 at last! Two more nights to 84 ^^


Heard yesterday that the July print edition of Game! is out on newsstands now. I wrote the feature article on Version 2.6 and the Version 3.0 sneak preview, under my usual "PJ 'NineMoons' Punla" byline. Since the articles were commissioned WAY back in May, a lot of the info in the Version 2.6 article is going to be slightly whacked-off. I couldn't even find all the information I needed to write the two articles properly!

I'll be taking August off from writing Game! articles; come September, I'll do a massive Version 2.6 re-update with all the corrected info from the release. [That's if the release goes through as planned, let's hope eh?]


Was very happy to hear from RCM Hrin about Granado Espada Hangaroo Version 1.0: she thinks it's "awesome" ^^ I asked her for some help with the updates for the game, and she gave it even though she's swamped at work - thank you so much!

Please watch this blog for the release of Granado Espada Hangaroo Version 1.2, sometime within the next few days ^^


DeSanggria said...

i don't actually dig this new hairstyle. i was hoping for a softer version, one that would bring out more of her feminine side. with her job class, i always have this impression that she's a tomboy (along with the female musk wth).

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

then i guess i like the fact that female fighters are slightly tomboyish - if the shoe fits, eh? XD

what sort of hairstyle did you have in mind? long braids? waist-length hair?

DeSanggria said...

it would be nice if she looks uber feminine but can whip up a mean fight.

yeah, i was thinking more in the lines of braids, etc. XD

speaking of hairstyles, the female wiz would look really nice if she let her hair down. :P

and how about the male elem in terious hair? LOL.

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

admittedly, braids for all the female avatars would be quite cool.

wiz with hair DOWN? oh, that might be a sight for sore eyes.

as for male hairstyles....lemme get back to you on that. truth be told i don't really like any of the new ones; i just prefer the original hairstyles i guess.

DeSanggria said...

you don't like the male fighter in terious hair? he looks cute! hehe.

ok enough about me spazzing over the males. XD

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria


The Arc said...

ah nvm thats weird... when i use google translate, the new hair doesnt show up...

Nine Moons said...

@ the arc

the list of new EQ and updates is about halfway down the doratomo page, in a two-column box between animated mini-banners of [top] GE, Belle Isle, and Soul of the Ultimate Nation, [bottom] Neosteam, "Fantasy Arts Zero", and Archlord.

the ponytail for female fighter and the "fairy bob" for female elementalist are at the top of the left-hand updates box.

Anonymous said...

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