Saturday, July 26, 2008

And now for something I've never seen before.

New tipples for already various-kinds-of-potion-addicted pioneering families perhaps? XD

Offensive Fillers

In an ill-advised G-points-fueled shopping spree, I bought about five each of the new Knight's Cache and Najib's Weapon Box items. Unluckily, I couldn't get even a whiff of either the Katana or Nadachi [sic]. Darnit.

I DID get a couple of these new pots, though. Very handy status effect right there, perfect for raids or PvP matches or even PK sessions in the relevant servers. "Offensive Fillers" make me think that the user might be prone to a sudden outburst of four-letter words that the chat filters might take violent exception to, though! Hahahaha!

Soul Waters

After cursing my bad luck with the item boxes, I cheered myself up by buying 200 Bellem Boxes. [Yep, I have a near-suicidal fascination with this item. Sometimes my luck's in and sometimes it stinks like a skunk.]

I DID actually get lucky with this batch as I scored at least four Uniques, plus my first-ever LOE bracelet. [Sucky stats on the bracer, but it was a Lv72 - cheap and easy to rechip.]

And then I picked up at least three of these Soul Waters. Says there on the label they can bestow an Elemental Protection effect - I'm guessing it's sort of like drinking in the elemental buffs? Have to try 'em out some time.


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elvawenn said...

Oh darn it, I don't have either Friendster nor Facebook account. I never seem to like these network things. I really wish there's another way to get together!

Great work on your blog and I enjoy reading your posts - keep it up, sister! :)

Nine Moons said...

@ elvawenn

welcome to the blog ^^

perhaps you might want to try if you're not much the type for social websites with your face on, then you might try social bookmarking: just share your favorite bookmarks on the world.

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look me up there - i'm NineMoons. ^^

i love your blog, by the way - wonderful pictures and very clean design ^^