Saturday, July 12, 2008

Encounter with the Griffon

[Side note: holy god - 394th post, and the blog is WELL on its way to 50k hits!

Must make plans!]

[Side note again: as of the writing of this post, the Griffon in Channel 2 of Carracci was still alive, and was still bringing all his/her/its rowdy monsters to the party. At last count, the mobs included Grizzly Scavengers, Sabel Tigers, Joaquin Wild-Dogs, Gehvars, etc. And all that on top of the regular Vegas Javier mobs, natch.

On top of that, a Griffon Egg was discovered in Channel 1 as well! Vegas Javier will wind up getting placed under an involuntary interdict today if the Griffon appears there in both channels.]

I was leveling in Skullic Dungeon again this morning when someone started broading about the presence of a Griffon Egg in Vegas Javier Channel 2, Carracci server.

Now, of course, whack a Griffon Egg long enough and the Griffon itself appears; the Pioneers Warning at the entrance from Rion Prairie says as much.

After a bit of thought, I decided to join Deputy Faction Leader Xei in taking a look-see at the egg, and maybe to participate in the Griffon raid if the boss DID appear.

Never saw the egg, though; en route to the coordinates mentioned in the broads, THIS happened!


So yeah, we were in the soup right there.

When I got to the map coordinates, Griffon was already there:


And even with the equipment my newly-90 characters were carrying, they didn't stand a chance against the boss, since they were up against THESE stats.


The really headdesk-inducing part, of course, was when Xei and I realized that many of the server's experts were streaming in - but were unable to chip away at the big bird-thing's life....

Wasn't there supposed to be a time limit on the Griffon, though? Someone said if Griffon didn't take a hit to its HP within 10 minutes, it was going to go *poof* and disappear. Not in this case, though, as I was there for at least 15 minutes - long enough to eat breakfast while watching - and it was still there, and still spawning assist mobs.

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