Friday, July 11, 2008

I wish we could have something like this in the PH *wistful*

WARNING: Meditation and some drama ahead. If you're here for the pretty, afraid you'll be disappointed just for today.

If you live in the PH, though, come on in and I'll tell you a story.....

So, look, if you live in Australia or New Zealand, the quickest way to get a Granado Espada client is to just fill up a form; see the screencap I took from


Mechanics for this giveaway here.

[I erased the security code, obviously.]

And look at that, you can PICK which flavor of installer you want! [If I were asked that question, I would go for the full installer every time, but that's me ^^]


Over in the NineMoons barracks, I definitely felt a twinge of envy because as it turns GE installers are rare here in the 7k-and-change islands. I haven't seen the V.2.6.3 patch installers, and there are very, very few full client installers prevalent 'round these parts.

Most of us out here actually download files, and because we're not all exactly on broadband, sometimes we have to wait days just to complete installer downloads. And then there's a few more hours just to install, and a few more hours to wait until the loads on DSL and dial-up lines ease up, and only
then can we plunge into the New World.

When they did a list of the PH Community Heroes they left out a category: Heroes of Promoting GE.

People who painstakingly burn out their own GE installers into DVDs to give away to friends and strangers.

People who put up GE posters at their own or favorite Internet shops, and who fight for the right to keep them up there, even when unscrupulous and/or zombie-type marketing people entice them into putting other posters of other games up instead.

People who talk about GE at every appropriate opportunity, and sometimes at inappropriate ones.

People who support the community in ways both overt and covert.

And have I mentioned that nearly all of the people who fall into one, more, or all of these categories do it on their own time, with their own money, and never ask for anything back except for more people to play this damn wonderful game?

We should recognize these people.

And we should definitely be doing just as well as the other countries in distributing and promoting GE.

I agree with many of my friends in this: Give us installers! Installers will work as marketing media! Give us installers! Most of us, I would wager, would be quite happy to do the legwork and promotions ourselves, but we need the damn installers or this whole gig crashes and burns....

I don't want GE to die just because there were no installers. Please, please, give us installers.


Richard T. Ramos said...

sigh* the infamous GE installer of ph
did you know that majority of GE installers that e-games were giving away on events are defective?
the first version of the GE bahia full client (the one with 2 dvds) has some missing ipf whenever you play GE there's no background, as in the background is pitch black (from the barracks, to the town, to every map in GE), then came another version (this time just 1 dvd) this time i don't know if i had the bad batch (again) or not, but when you install the game and open the launcher, you can't access the config screen, it'll just crash and a message saying the config blah blah is coprrupt...sigh* it's really hard to get a really good installer these still have to depend on yourself or to your friends to DL the whole client

Nine Moons said...

@ richard

all of which just underlines the fact that e-games is currently lagging in terms of giving away the GE installers.

okay na sana kahit minsan minsan lang, pero you're telling me that many of the installers are DEFECTIVE. which kind of kills the point of the installers, right?

sana mabasa naman itong entry na ito by the powers that be.

Alcarcalimo said...

Me and the kids want to try out Granado Espada as well, but the downloading of the client takes almost 24 hours. A lot of things can happen within that time, baka tamarin lang ang mga kids, i-stop ang downloaing and go back to playing a LUG game.

Thanks to Richard for the heads up regarding the installers from e-games. It saved me a lot of time and fare money from going to their offices to get an installer.

Nine Moons said...

@ alcarcalimo

well, i COULD suggest the kids play something else while waiting for the download to finish, then get them interested once the installation is done.

however, yeah, if there WERE proper installers the extra wait would be unneeded. such are the breaks we have received.