Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog Round-Up: NineMoons's Notable Posts June-July 2008

A little something for y'all to read during today's maintenance. Here's a quick-find guide to the recent good stuff I've posted on the blog.

General Information and Helpful Knowledge
The Five Servers of Granado Espada: where the names came from

Fun and Games
Granado Espada Hangaroo Version 1.0 release
Granado Espada Hangaroo Version 1.2 release
Ultra-cute Granado Espada clay-based fan artwork from Korea

Guides for the Lost, the Curious, and the Needful
Introducing Granado Espada properly to online gamers
Introducing Granado Espada properly to non-gamers
Quick-start guide to getting Vicente Rio, the lightning bard
Quick-start guide to the Request Rooms in Reboldoeux and Coimbra

Selva Norte!
Selva Norte to become a GE RNPC as of Version 2.9.4
Selva's Exclusive Stances, Personal Skill, and Armor

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