Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Feature in GE V.2.6.3 The Requiem: Request Rooms

Just before the SEA / ANZ Granado Espada servers went down to patch in Version 2.6.3 The Requiem, my NineMoons family on Carracci server were stationed at the Port of Coimbra, for easy access to the ferry service to Bahia and Ustiur.

When the servers came back up and I was able to play again, I noticed that new rooms were added to the maps of the Port and of Cite de Reboldoeux. The new rooms are called
Request Offices.

[Yes, before you ask - there is NO Request Office in the City of Auch. No, before you ask - I don't know why.]

The Request Office in Reboldoeux is in the northern part of the map, opposite the Clock Tower. Here's the entrance:


In Coimbra, the Request Office is located just slightly north of, and above, the Pioneering Officer Jonathan. Here's that entrance:


Entering the Request Office in Coimbra, my team came face-to-face with two sets of
Request Officers. These NPCs come in two flavors, "Primary" and "Junior"; each type of NPC has a Level 1 officer and a Level 2 officer. See the following screenshots:

Coimbra's Request Officers, Junior I and Junior II.

Coimbra's Request Officers, Primary I and Primary II.

So, what do these guys
do? They provide additional hunt missions! Forgot what hunt missions are? Clicky for the refresher course!

Specifically, Request Officers ask pioneering families to hunt X number of "Elite" monsters, where X is usually a round, 2- or 3-digit number.

You know what Elite monsters are: marginally bigger versions of standard mobs on each map, usually spawning two or three companions as soon as they target your pioneering family.

The availability of these hunt missions is part of the explanation as to
why there are suddenly so many more Elite mobs roaming in maps.

The Coimbra Junior Officers ask pioneering families to hunt Elite versions of monsters in the Tetra Ruins outside map and Tetra Hill; while their Primary counterparts ask for the heads of Elite monsters inside the Tetra Ruins dungeon itself [the Grand Corridor, the Catacombs, and the Golden Road].

It might then be presumed that the Reboldoeux Request Officers assign pioneering families to hunt Elite mobs in and around Al Quelt Moreza, the relevant dungeon for beginner levels.

Will update this entry as soon as I can confirm that paragraph, by the way.

I will also find out what the rewards are for these hunt missions.

Seems the game is now adding more ways for the new players to make their levels, and believe me, that can only be a
good thing....


Anonymous said...

The rewards are low level exp cards and items called "small jewel" that are worth a couple hundred vis when sold to the npc. Right now, I don't exactly know what they're for other than selling. I hope they are somehow more valuable than just a couple hundred vis: that's just not enough to justify killing a hundred elite monsters.

Nine Moons said...

@ anonymous

EXP cards are always welcome no matter what level they are.

but i completely agree with you re the "small jewel" items. if they're not ambers and spinelles as routinely given out on the other types of town-based hunt missions, we must certainly hope they're part of some other thing, or no one will find reasons to even begin those request room quests.

thanks very much for the info!