Monday, July 7, 2008

Selva Norte: Personal skill and Exclusive Armor and Stances!

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Quick Selva Norte profile, courtesy of the good people at [sources below]:

Str: 7
Agi: 7
Con: 5
Dex: 5
Int: 5
Cha: 3
Starting Level: 60
Weapon: Rapier / Armor: Leather Armor
Exclusive Armor: Armshield [a/k/a that big honking mechanical contraption strapped over her skeletal arm]

Personal Skill: Destino. SP use: 100. Cooltime: 240 seconds. Could not translate needed pots to activate X(

Exclusive stance "Cauchemar" / Cuchemar

Exclusive stance Rapida Espada

Translations are QUITE welcome ^^

Sources screenshots and information:
Exclusive Armor: Selva's Armshield / Personal Skill: Destino
Exclusive Stance: Cuchemar
Exclusive Stance: Rapida Espada


ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Chinensis wonders if Selva uses that metal arm of her in attacking enemies. That's got to hurt big time if she does. hehehe

Anyway, based from what my brother thinks, Chinensis thinks her personal skill is about penetration. This is VERY unconfirmed, though.

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ chinensis

Selva, a rapier, and a club-arm. Scary prospect.

And if she has a penetration bonus - then she brings the HURT OMG.