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Selva Norte: Backstory and the Evolution of Her Left Arm


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New information on Selva Norte from the latest updates!

Here's an approximate translation of her brief backstory, as detailed on that page:

Character story
Immigration person of Bliss tear graduate.

The sweetheart you lost your own left arm due to the [montoro] child 爵 which is 1 people of [besupaniyora] ten nobility.

After that, searching the heritage of [huerutsuchio] in order to reset on the basis of the revenge and the left arm of the sweetheart, you wander about the new world.

Obtaining the heritage of [huerutsuchio], pushing down the [montoro] child 爵 and attacking the enemy with goal of the most priority, altogether there is no interest other than that.

Selva seems to have migrated to Granado Espada from Orpesia - one of the common plot threads she has with Edward and Gavin Jameson. I don't know if this means she was born in Brestia as well, though.

She lost her left arm in what seems like a major conflict with Viscount Montoro, one of the Ten Nobles of Vespanola.

Selva is now researching Ferruccio's Legacy. Since it seems that this is one of Montoro's current goals, she might be driven to get there before he does. It's not far-fetched to speculate that she might feel the Legacy might cure her condition. And, bonus, if she get there before Montoro does, she gets to control it - and deprive her enemy of his goal.

And while we're on the subject of Ferruccio's Legacy - how do the other RNPCs' storylines tie in with hers, I wonder? Grandice is also looking for this Legacy.... provides a stunning series of character renders which show off how Selva's left arm has changed over time - as well as what she replaced it with.

First stage: left arm covered in bandages, probably soon after the initial clashes with Montoro.

Second stage: left arm completely withered away to the bones.

Third stage: "cyborg" Selva, now wearing her Armshield over the skeletal left arm.

Amazing stuff!

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