Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Things They Carried

...Or, well, okay, "The Things She Carried".

Having decided to make a female musketeer solely for the purpose of having her get the double-pistol Veteran stance Outrage Shot, I wound up having to indulge in another item-buying spree for her armor and some accessories. Down to less than 30 million vis, I was actually rather lucky enough to score this armor at a rather
low price:


Lucky me. But then, afterwards, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel - just enough to keep Anthy and Shandre in bullets. Luckily my scout and wizard still have enough of their needed supplies to keep going when needed.

Here's Anthy at Level 61.

Her Freestyle Shot stance is now at Level 21. This is just a lark, mind - I'm not really going to have her take the Vet stance [Straight Shot], I just want her to have at least two of her pistol stances maxed out.

Anthy has mastered Double-Gun Shot, thank goodness.

Incidentally, the guns in these screenshots are +6 The 6-in-a-rows.

Immediate goals:

- Lv 64 - take off Rabbit Hairlace, wear her Volume Perm hairstyle [the cute bob cut]
- Lv 68 - Elite armor
- Lv 7x - Stars and Stripes pistols

And eventually, switch armor to the Dragon Coat, and switch weapons to her double Quattro Pinneds.

And here's my [abbreviated] NineMoons family in Carracci. Banner courtesy of Another Lonely Soul.

Okay, now I'm off to work - and after that, a visit to IP e-Games to buy more G-Points. I need the MPs for Bai Hu this week, after all.


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Staark said...

Hi 9moons!

Wow, such a systematic plan in place.

Good luck in all you do :)

Best wishes,

Nine Moons said...

@ staark

this is what happens when you go crazy buying cool musk equipment for a Bern - and then get another chance to use them once a cool musk Vet stance comes along ^^ got lucky this time....