Sunday, August 10, 2008

Further Teasers: Granado Espada Third Civilization

It looks like someone at has access to the test servers where IMC is currently working on Granado Espada's much-hyped Version 3.0, otherwise known as "Third Civilization".

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Introducing Grabber - Grabber is the looter pet in the upcoming pet system.

This time, let's talk about Expert stances, plus where on the world map will the Third Civilization new maps be.

My fellow blogger Blacksword has just recently blogged about the Expert stances that will be released in this new version of GE. Read his excellent entry here.

Refresher: the documentary video in which the IMC dudes and Kim Hakkyu discuss the development of Third Civilization. Especially relevant are the segments relating to the haunted-looking town that serves as the creepiest base for pioneering families ever, and the Mayan-temple-type maps where new mobs for the hunting will be roaming.

And here's the relevant section of the new world map, again from

The temples and the haunted town will be located between the Bahamas swamps and Cite de Reboldoeux. Unusually, there is a clear path to the haunted town from Rebo. There will be one outside map, which is likely to be where the temples are located, and then the dungeon.

Looking at the levels - I guess if you get bored of Chaos Requiem you can bop on over to the haunted temples?

This should get pretty interesting as time goes on. We already know from RCM Hrin that SEA / ANZ GE may well get Version 2.9 by the end of September. True, that's not going to be the final update before Version 3.0, but it's something that moves us that much closer.


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