Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Links and a quick news wrap-up

Since tomorrow I have to give a seminar on Advanced English Composition - no, it's not at university; it's for the staff at the office - I'm spending today completing the presentation that goes along with it. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and please have a look at some of the news circulating around SEA / ANZ Granado Espada.

Diego's Art Nouveau: Loading Screen Art Contest!
Get a chance to have your fan-art or captioned screenshots immortalized as one of the loading screens in future expansions of Granado Espada. See the article for full rules and submission guidelines.

Community GMs and Community Managers World Tour
Get a chance to vent upon, hobnob with, and meet-n-greet the Granado Espada community team. Yes, I'm all for telling them the troubles besetting the game, but do try to be nice.

Play GE - Philippines
The new Granado Espada PH website is up, after an extended hiatus. Of particular interest are the sponsors: a video card maker, a monitor fabricator, a telecommunications outfit, a notebook and school supplies factory, and a computer parts reseller. Dare we hope about limited-edition Granado Espada-themed stuff now?


NineMoons's 50,000 Hits Screenshot Prompt Contest Week Two is Ongoing!

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