Monday, August 4, 2008

New posts from the site!

After a brief hiatus, the Granado Espada fans' brigade at are once again uploading news of upcoming events in kGE and jGE! [They're my source for the information in this entry, natch.]

Here are just a few of their latest posts:

It seems like they're holding a promotion for some of the Wings costumes. Easily identifiable in the picture are Lucifer Wings, Devil Wings, and the Baphomet Horn. I actually don't know what the name of the fourth set of wings is....

This one's a wee bit different and seems to be talking about a special in-game questing event, which promotes the upcoming Granado Espada Version 3.0 "Third Civilization". As you can see, it involves hunting drops shaped like the letters G and E and the numbers 3 and 0. [Sesame Street anyone?]

Players can gather the characters and turn them in for selected items. No idea whether the beachwear costume in the final row is a permanent one, without stats, or a temporary one, with stats.

This particular questing thing seems to work along the same lines as the "X" hunting we did at Christmas: kill Jack Frosts, gather "X" items, turn them in for specific rewards.

It looks like "Third Civilization" is nigh for the Korean players. I wonder when we'll get it in SEA / ANZ, though? Considering we don't even have Bai Hu yet, and Chaos Requiem is just about a week old as I type....


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