Saturday, August 2, 2008

Questing: what do I do now?

Now that my main NineMoons team in Carracci has attained Veteran status, I'm torn between a handful of diverging objectives:

- Use Shandre [Grace Bernelli] and Furyk [scout] to level Luhne [Catherine the Summoner]. If I get Luhne to Veteran, then I can use her to leech other characters, in particular my fledgling Siuan [Feng Ling] and Garet [Bai Hu, when he becomes available].

- Use Shandre and Furyk to level my newly-created musketeer, Anthy. I created her for the express purpose of attaining the Outrage Shot stance, since Shandre can't use it.

- Begin the Katovic Snowfield quest chain. This will take quite a bit of time since I want to collect Gavin Jameson's card [but not necessarily build him], gather a crapload of loots just to build some of the KS items, and brave the Ice Tower + Novia.

- Begin the Bahamas Swamps quest chain. Likewise, time-consuming in that there's a lot of hunting to do.

Plus, there's the added requirement of needing to complete both the KS and Bahamas quests since I want to go on to Chaos Requiem, and eventually collect Selva Norte's RNPC card when she finally becomes available.

Taking any of the four options means I have to give up the other three. So I'm trying to decide which option will net me the most benefits, since I will have to spend a lot of time and effort on it.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Staark said...

Hello 9moons :)

Level Cath first :) Then use her to complete the quests and power level the noobies :)

Nine Moons said...

@ staark

hmm. I dunno. do you think leveling the musketeer together with the Cath on Bahia [Bern serves as the tank] would work?

I kind of thought that two shooters - one with a rifle, the other with Outrage Shot - might help a Cath level faster, too.

thanks for the suggestion ^^

Staark said...

HM...actualy, why not just solo cath!

Or it would be nice to have cath and 1 musk only, since they can split exp 50-50 this way :)

Haha, just experiment with various combinations and find the best one.

Staark said...

Oh crap. Double post. Ignore the first one! I posted the 2nd time cause I thought the 1st one couldn't load!

Nine Moons said...

@ Staark

took the liberty of deleting the second post.

thanks for the advice. i think when the musk has leveled up a little more, like enough to take on the Bahia beach mobs herself, i'll pair her up with Cath and see what happens.