Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sisters in Arms

I flailed around for a bit trying to decide what to do after finally reaching Veteran status.

There were a few helpful responses both here and at the Vault post, and I did give them all a bit of thought apiece.

When my friends started gushing over how godly Outrage Shot, the Veteran stance for double-pistol Musketeers was, though, I was convinced to create one, and push her to Veteran.

Meet Anthy NineMoons, female musketeer in Carracci server.

As of the time this screenshot was taken, Anthy was at Level 48 and her Double-Gun Shot stance at Level 21. It won't take long till she'll master the stance - and then it's just going to be a question of when she makes Veteran. Of course, with her rifle-bearing sister Shandre [Grace Bernelli] she may just get there that much faster.

And then when Anthy makes Vet - I'll use her and Shandre to level all the other characters, with Luhne, my Catherine the Summoner, taking first priority. Luhne will then take charge of her martial-artist cousins Siuan [Feng Ling] and, when he becomes available by next week, Garet [Bai Hu].

Good times ^^

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