Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The latest costumes from kGE, and the banner for the GE PH Black Party!

[So, obviously, image- and link-heavy post. Please wait for everything to load.....]

From this and this at
doratomo.jp, the latest eye-candy new costumes that will be coming in as part of the Version 3.0 Third Civilization updates.

I got a few pictures of the lot, and there are better ones at the doratomo links plus this thread on the SEA / ANZ GE forums.

Have to assume that there are part and parcel of the "Rose" set of costumes. Remember from here: the female fighter's costume in this series is called
Rose Camellia, and the male wizard's is Blackness Rose.

Now, we're missing the following costumes in this series: Male Scout, Male Musketeer, Female Wizard, Female Elementalist. Those, we should be looking forward to in the following days....


And here's the banner for the GE PH Anniversary Black Party, upcoming this Saturday. Here's the linky to all the events taking place then.

Eee trivia, I
really wanna join that!

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