Thursday, August 28, 2008

kGE Welcomes Third Civilization with a Special Event!

The portion of the poster below comes from the original newsflash at

In order to celebrate the recent release of Granado Espada Version 3.0 in South Korea, an event called Open the premium costume treasure warehouse! has been laid on. Essentially, players with a set amount of "cash" can enter a premium "warehouse" and stand a chance to grab the loot shown in the poster - from the new Fighter and Elementalist wigs to the new costumes for Clare, Emilia the Sage, Grace Bernelli, male Wizard, and female Fighter!

[Unfortunately, the basic translation I could find for the article was not clear on what "cash" meant in the context. Are we talking about the premium points? The Feso?]

Anyway, let's take a closer look at each of the wigs and costumes available for this event!

First comes the female Fighter's Ponytail wig. I've talked about it before, and here it is again.

Next, the female Elementalist's Fairy Bob wig. Cute, eh?

For the cute cannon-toting socketing assistant Clare, her alternate costume, Fraulein.

Fans of Emilia the Sage can hope for her alternate costume, Cinneraria Sage.

[And yes, I stand corrected. I'd earlier said that the costume was for the original Emilia RNPC - it's really for the Sage version. Mea culpa.]

For the fans of the markswoman Grace Bernelli, a new alternate costume, White Event.

The male Wizard gets a new outfit called Blackness Rose.

The final costume is for the female Fighter, a sexy number called Rose Camellia.

The rest of the items up for grabs seem to range from premium dungeon entry passes to certain types of potions and miscellaneous items. The original newsflash even showed a sort of bar graph that seemed to be talking about the probability of getting the items in the premium warehouse!

Something pretty to look at during maintenance ^^

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Manny said...

Yay! Now that something for ETS users out there! :P Hope I'm still employed to get that outfit!

Got the location of the meeting. I can reach it! :D