Thursday, October 2, 2008


[And yet another rare instance of the all-caps entry title, because, hey, this is just that important.]

NineMoons's Guide to Surviving the Upcoming Server Merge

1. The Server Merge will begin on 7 October 2008 Corrected to 13 October 2008, see Hrin's latest blog post. Hope hard that the maintenance will be declared as done on time.

2. Before saying/doing anything else,
read the following links VERY VERY CAREFULLY:

GE Official Website: Granado Espada World Migration Official Announcement

GE Official Website: World Migration Family and Faction Migration Guide

Forums: Granado Espada World Migration Official Announcement

Forums: It's Maintenance Day! Ask [Mee Pok Tah] about the World Migration here!!

Special re-link to the first post in the Granado Espada World Migration Official Announcement forums thread, where Hrin has started to compile an FAQ based on questions and answers given in the thread itself [all currently 55 pages of it]:

Granado Espada World Migration Official Announcement: Frequently Asked Questions

3. If you'd also like to find out what I think about some of the most pressing issues involved in the Server Merge - and thank you! - here are the two posts I did:

Server Merge What The-?! Hilarity Ensues....

Server Merge Commentary: Channels, Compensation, and the Staff

4. Things you need to do as soon as the servers come back up:

- Claim all items in your Booty Chest from Adelina's Booty Search

- Claim all items from your server's Market Manager

- Claim all items from Leonardo Expreso's "Receive Premium Item" service. As Hrin has already emphasized, the Item Vaults
will NOT be affected by the Server Merge.

- DO NOT activate any more time-based premium items. The only possible exception to this rule is the use of one-day items.

- Contributed by Staark: Find something to do during maintenance time - something productive perhaps?

That's it for now. If I've missed anything, I may update this post. Please comment and let me know what else needs to be done NOW, before people forget, and then wind up in hysterics after the Server Merge catches people flat-footed....


Staark said...

Hi 9moons, been a while since I last dropped by :P

Perhaps you could add this : Have other activities stand by just in case the maintenance has to be extended !

haha, then maybe we can play hangaroo again.


PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ staark

good to hear from you again! I've added your suggestion, with credit.

hope you can make additional plans since the Server Merge has been postponed to the 13th....