Friday, October 3, 2008

Upcoming GE feature: MCC Buff!

Way back in June, Blacksword kicked off a special series of posts called the Granado Espada What If Specials. The point of the posts was just pie-in-the-sky dreaming about the game, lots of "What if...?" questions, and the general fun that resulted from his readers also going off on speculative tangents.

The first post involved what he called the
Trinity Bond. I quote:

The Trinity Bond

A bonus buff is given to a family depending on what kind of characters are in the team, these stats varies on what kind of character combination the family used.

The idea, clearly, comes from the MCC and the aspect of "themes" in the game, such as RNPCs that complement each other, or use the same general type of combat style, etc.

Read the original post here.

And now on we receive word of an upcoming Version 3.0 feature called, what else, the
MCC Buff!

It is essentially the same idea as the Trinity Bond: bonuses are granted to a specific set-up of three characters, which are related to each other through storyline, fighting style, type of character, etc. In this first edition, all the teams are composed of various RNPCs.

Check out the first six official MCC Buff-ed teams!

Team One: Reboldoeux Soldier, Coimbra Trooper, and Auch Infantry
+1 each to AR and DR

Team Two: Edward Jameson, Gavin Jameson, and Selva Norte
+5% to ATK, + 20 to DEF, +10% to ASPD

Team Three: Lorch, Najib Sharif, and Grace Bernelli
+10% to Hit Rate, +5 to Penetration, +5% to ASPD

Team Four: Soho the Wind, Gracielo, and Jean-Pierre Gascon
+1000 to HP, +5 to DEF, +1 to DR

Team Five: Rescue Knight, Grandice, and Romina
+10% to Move Speed, +10% to Resistance [all?]

Team Six: Ramiro, Tiburon, and Claire
+2000 to HP, +1 to DR

We can probably hope that there will be more teams granted the MCC buff in the future. A thread in the forums, 3.1 team system, is already pumping out suggestions for other "theme" teams.

[I also took the translated stats from that thread - credits to TS 5aaur.]

My own theme team and MCC buff candidate: Irawan + Feng Ling + Bai Hu, with bonuses that perhaps come from a synergy of Irawan's power, Feng Ling's speed, and Bai Hu's balance.

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ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Ooooooooh! Better get a hold of Empress Selva Norte QUICK! She is the only one missing in the Trinity team. ^_^

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ chinensis

good luck with that - the chaos requiem quests take a LOT of time.....