Friday, October 31, 2008

Pets, Poison Yards, and Farming for Fesos

Aww, look, I let my Grabber out to play!

Look, he thinks the croc-musk is his mommy!


I said I had to feed my Grabber Po, so I bravely entered the Poison Yard tonight with a few good raiders:


As it turns out, the Super Fight maps currently AREN'T PK heavens. Instead, everyone plays nice because everyone's farming for the stones that can be exchanged for Fesos.

As a precaution, squad leader Fiksdotter advised everyone to tag themselves as "Farmers" while inside PY, and to observe a few rules of conduct that he had laid out beforehand. Once inside, though, it was pretty much every pioneer for his or herself, with assistance given when someone got accidentally killed.

At the end of the night, here's the NineMoons family haul:


w00t! I've already converted those stones into Fesos. Now I have to make plans for the next farming session. ^^

[Anything for my cute little baby! ♥]

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