Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Days To Server Merge: Don't Forget To....

Today the good folks at IAHGames start setting up for the Server Merge by setting up the "new servers with upgraded hardware" for Rembrandt and Bach.

Here's what YOU need to do today to not be panicky or nervous:

- Start taking out all the stuff you're selling through the Market Manager. Aw, don't let her sad face get to you - you'll get back to her soon.

- Claim any and all leftover loot from Adelina's Booty Search. Select the server you want to receive the loot in, click
Claim Loot, then log in and choose the Receive Premium Item option from Leonardo Expreso.

- Sell, drop, or otherwise dispose of all the extras and odds and ends knocking around in your Item Vault. It
WON'T be affected by the Server Merge, but it's always nice to have some more room in there!

DO NOT activate any more long-term Premium Items!

- Start planning for what you can do during the days of no GE. I'll come up with my own list later, so please watch out for that.

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