Thursday, January 29, 2009

NineMoons at the Fantazzztic Ads Awards 2008-2009

In this post, I just want to call attention to the fact that Darrick Reclusion, Presea, and I have submitted entries to the Open Category Week of the currently ongoing Fantazzztic Ads Awards 2008-2009. Please do check out our efforts, and remember to watch in high quality where it is available.


First Submission: Dumb & Dumber

Second Submission: NO BABES!


Darrick Reclusion: Detrimental


NineMoons: Priceless

NineMoons: The Credits Roll
Rosso, as always, for the inspiration
Presea for the kickass VO
ALL HAIL LELOUCH! [and we should!] for post-prod, SFX, and all-around awesomeness

This ad is an affectionate parody/spoof, adapted to Granado Espada, of MasterCard's Priceless campaign. The original slogan is "There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard."

It's just that my advocacy has always been about female gamers and how they should not be considered as separate and/or unequal to their male counterparts. Hence, a girl-powered spin on the beloved, long-running campaign.


Alcarcalimo said...

Wow a new post! Does this mean you're going back to blogging about GE? Do you have plans of doing an AO blog as well?

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ Alcarcalimo

this is just a post to say I joined FAA. if fortune smiles on any of the four videos highlighted here, I'll update the post accordingly - but I'm still not looking to return to regular updates, mostly because I really haven't returned to playing the game.

I'm also not yet open to the idea of opening an AO blog...I don't want to inadvertently spill anyone's secrets by blogging about them. hope you understand - it wouldn't be any fun to have at least one server out to take my head ^^

Jeremy said...

This is a little late, but I actually started playing AO as well. Our version of GE hasn't had an update in forever (with no apparent plans) and it was getting boring.

AO is vastly improved over the beta, I'm really enjoying it. Maybe it will be different once I get to the endgame (I'm 73 now), but at the very least it's been a very nice break.

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ Jeremy

hey, hello there. since playing AO, i myself have heard reports that many people switched to AO from GE and/or SOTNW, and are therefore not quite as confused by the merc system as those who come from one-character-control MMOs.

how has the new update been working out for you? i wish i could get to 100 myself because i'm quite keen on the idea of using a power saw, hahaha.

glad to know you find AO a break from GE. what was the last patch applied to SOTNW?

Anonymous said...

hi this is anonymous from last time from SoTNW. We have not had any updates. We are still in version 2.9.1 (they split 2.9 patch into two parts, and we do not have Claire)
So the last thing put in was bahamar (no bahamar AA, no underground culverts)
btw it's too bad you can't come back :x ahh enjoy yourself

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ anonymous

that is not good news at all. to hear that SOTNW has suddenly stopped in its updates and developments - do you have any idea as to why k2 decided to act in that manner? oh well.

and thanks for your kind words.

shinelight said...

pretty cool videos :)
Good luck^^

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ shinelight

the competition's over. darrick and anne got some honors for their videos but mine didn't.

thanks anyway :)