Sunday, July 22, 2007

I have a question.

So how does the Mercenary Contract and Character Trading feature affect Family Levels?

My NineMoons family went to Family Level 5 just after getting to Lv44. By then, I'd been
given a Panfilo, and had also created my Adelina, Bernelli, and Emilia. It was the number of RNPCs in the Barracks and their high levels that bumped my Family Level nearly to Baron Class.

If I use this upcoming feature, it will then be possible for me to take those RNPCs out of my family Barracks, right?

And if I do take them out - as well as my other stock characters - will Aurana, Tuon, and Chimal stay at Family Level 5, or will the Family Level be adjusted accordingly?

I wonder I wonder.

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