Sunday, August 19, 2007

Colony Wars update, the new commercial, family news, and the GE PH Big Bash!

Today's Colony Wars results - congratulations to Dominion, Yakisoba, CARNAGE, Anonymous, and Vradical factions!

This was an especially hard-fought session, and it always helps to have a friend nearby for some colorful commentary - guess who I ran into at i-Hooked while covering this CW? The DeSanggria family, that's who! ^^ She was covering the CW sessions in both Cervantes and Caravaggio servers!

This is a bit late, but if you haven't seen it yet, then take a look at the new Granado Espada commercial video!

Tell me what you think about this video in the comments thread!


A NineMoons family member makes Level 50, and shows it off!

I've finally made it to this big milestone in the game - halfway to Veteran status for the very first time! It will be my task to have my scout and wizard match their fighter sister soon!


News from DeSanggria about the upcoming Granado Espada Philippines Big Bash!

The event will take place at the One Esplanade venue, near SM Mall of Asia, on 15 September!

The Limited Edition boxes will be up for sale then, as well as the game time + G-Points cards for the Philippines!

There will be a Day Party, which will be free admission for all; and a Night Party, with dance tunes provided by the DJ group Big Fish!

Stay tuned for more details on that one - and yes, I will see you all there!


filsimmer said...

The commercial's kinda impressive. It gives a quick look in the new stuff of sGE.

You at level 50? Congratulations!

I'll be putting an update soon because I have a ninth character already. Plus, I am looking forward to its expansion. For the flash comic, there's another coming up already. I'll just post the link ASAP. :D

Hope to see you at this event on September 15. That is, if I can go...

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

hmm. I liked the POBT commercial better ^^

re level 50 - thanks!!

looking forward to your update - and I hope you can make it to the Sept 15 bash!!!