Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Picspam: on the way to Level 60

I've just made Level 58 and am grinding like mad to make it to Level 60 by the 21st of October.

On the way, I've been completing some of the Lorch quests [I took that meddling trio of kids at Level 58, yeah I kinda suck at NPC fights], wandering at random through the Torsche Mansion Grand Library, and trying to make some vis on the side.

Here's an update to the previous fashions and fantazzies post:


I bought Chimal a Mutation Wizard costume, and I think the grays look better on her than the violets of the Original Wizard costume did.

[Of course I'm ditching the costume and Irolina hat at Level 64 so I can enjoy her pretty French Maid Uniform and Head Band ^^]

And that's still Aurana in an Original Scout costume, and Tuon in a School Uniform Fighter costume. Will update them both as well as the levels come on - I got some good armors and costumes for them come Level 60 and up.


While continuing with one of the Lorch quests at Torsche Mansion [Savage Garden / Reception Hall / Grand Library] today, this unusual pair ran up, asking all players in the vicinity to respond pronto:


That's GM Carine right there, with one kick-ass female wizard flying up top, and the familiar angel-type GM avatar on the ground.

You might just be able to make out the 2x musketeer / scout team next to me in this screenshot. That one did not respond to the GM, at least not on the public message channel.


A slightly better-looking pic, with the GM's name clearly visible. The message over the avatar's head was supposed to read scouting for bots!, but both of us were surprised to see the "utin" part of the first word censored out.

[Some kind of weird cuss word or something? Enlighten me, please.]

Having proved to their satisfaction
that I was a legitimate player, the GM family left to continue their patrol.

Nearly gave me a heart attack when they showed up, but an amusing story all the same.

And yeah, props to GM Carine for doing the patrolling thing at 3 AM-ish Singapore time - constant vigilance against bots FTW....


Also, more blog modifications of the pretty-up type:

What do you think of the new background? I changed it from stars to lace early this evening. Let me know if it looks okay to you.... ^^


Anonymous said...

utin - male genitalia

NineMoons Family said...

@ anonymous

thanks for your help ^^ you and Feitan in the chat box have been very kind in supplying responses ^^