Sunday, January 27, 2008

Colony Wars update: Triple X Triple

The results of tonight's Colony Wars session in Cervantes.

If this map looks familiar to you, that's because it's the same as last week's. The triple alliance of Halcyon, Vradical and WrathOfGod turned all their efforts to defense this week - and were all successful in their shared endeavors.

I call this report "Triple X Triple" because the Halc-Vrad-WoG alliance came under serious fire this week from a new group of factions that have banded together; this group consists of BlackSociety, Illuminati, and Cupid factions.

As Halc-Vrad-WoG had already been at war with one or the other of the challenging factions over the past two weeks, there were no declarations of war made against either BlackSociety or Illuminati. There were only two declarations made during tonight's session:

Cupid v WrathOfGod - truced. This war was declared shortly before the session started.
Vradical v Cupid - truced.


Notes from WrathOfGod:

With seven colonies to defend, it was no wonder the Faction Message [seen upon logging in and changing maps] for tonight ran along the lines of "full defense tonight" or something like that. We formed four squads that would share defense duties among all seven of our colonies, with the usual arrangement that should one defending squad find itself overwhelmed, the other squads would, within reason, warp over to assist.

We'd had that arrangement already up during defense times, and today I had a slightly niggling feeling that we were seriously going to need it.

I signed up to help defend at the Bonavista River colony, the same as last week, and warped in to find several friends already in position. Two of our players who owned veteran Vikis also joined the group, and some of the faction heads dropped in from time to time to check in on us.

Colony Wars time approached and I groaned out loud when Cupid declared war on us, as they had also been harassing us at Bonavista during the previous week's session. By the time the declaration was in effect, about five minutes before game time, a whole squad full of Cupid attackers were hovering around our colony. One scout even booby-trapped the surrounding area of the colony tower with various traps! [Luckily the traps were dispelled in time.]

At the immediate start of the session, the invaders from Cupid fell upon our defending squad, and this time they brought a LOT of backup - squads from Illuminati and BlackSociety, including some of their leaders!

Chaos reigns at the Bonavista River colony.

Viki once again proved his worth - the above picture features a Level 10x Steel Ararat assisting the defense. It momentarily fought the Treasure Golem in the background as well. [And it goes without saying that Viki kept up his "reputation" for lagging, affecting friends and foes alike XD]

However, you might have noticed all the fallen allies and defenders in the same picture. We had to call for backup from not only the other defending squads but also the allied factions of Halcyon and Vradical.

At one point my squad leader commented that roughly a fourth of the server's online players at the time had converged on our colony. And that, folks, is a LOT of people.

With reinforcements helping bolster the defense, the colony was kept safely in our possession. [Thanks to everyone who showed up!]

More Steel Ararat action, but with allies up this time ^^

This was a pretty interesting session, with lots of action in the first half and sporadic skirmishes in the second. We had actually braced ourselves for last-minute surges but encountered none.

Next week will see the colonies wiped of their previous owners and all up for grabs again. With a new group of three factions coming up against the established partnership of Halc-Vrad-WoG, expect fierce fighting and lots of interesting news coming your way then.

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