Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DeSanggria's blog is BAAAAAAAAACK!

And boy does she love us all. What better way to put the brakes on her hiatus mode than to unleash the secrets of Granado Espada Version 2.6.3: The Requiem?

Version 2.6.3: The Requiem - Updates Post 1

Chaos Requiem revealed~! Defeat another version of the Great Hill Giant to enter this new map, located between the swamps of Bahamas and the jungles of Ustiur.

New dungeon: Garim's Nest~!

New boss: Garim [duh]~!

Version 2.6.3: The Requiem - Updates Post 2

More mini-bosses to chase~!

"Summon your own boss monsters" - in Los Toldos~!

Version 2.6.3: The Requiem - Touring Chaos Requiem

Introducing the dungeons of Chaos Requiem: Cabeza de Bahia, Corazon de Bahia, and Interna de Bahia!

Those monsters look scary!

Elite Le Noirs and Bai Hu ♥

Version 2.6.3: The Requiem - The Winds of Change

Colony Buffs disabled during Colony Wars and Super Fight!

Colony Warps disabled during Colony Wars!

Redistribution of Market Taxes to include all colony holders~!


This post will be updated as DeSanggria continues to blog about the mysteries of The Requiem - so stay tuned to her!


DeSanggria said...

hehe thanks for the plug. hope i can get the readers back. ^^

updates will not be possible without pCM Veya's help. :)

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

welcome back to the SEA / ANZ GE blogs, girl!