Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Return of the NineMoons Interviews!

I know, I know, I haven't done one of these in yonks. I'm still willing to keep doing them, so if you'd like to be featured on this blog - just drop me a line in the comments to this post, or in my chatbox over there in the right-hand column, or email me:

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While this blog has always been primarily aimed at the community and fans of the SEA / ANZ release of
Granado Espada, I've never been one to exclude those who play on other versions - so this edition of the NineMoons Interviews features none other than Scarlette de Eszposito, girl gamer, blogger [click on her name to read her SOTNW blog!] and someone who loves both SEA / ANZ GE and the American version of the game, Sword of the New World: Granado Espada.

Take it away, Scarlette ^^


Can you tell us your in-game name, and/or your preferred nickname?

"Scarlette de Eszposito" or "Scarlette."

What is your main server at present?
There are three servers in Sword of the New World: Granado Espada (SotNW: GE) - Bristia (PvP), Opresia (Non-PvP) and Illier (Europe - PvP). Eszposito family is in Opresia, which is Non-PvP.

Who are the members of your current main team? And who else is in your Barracks at present?
I have a lot of characters residing in the Eszposito Quarters (Barracks). However, I make a lot of them, but I only play some of them. My current main team includes Scarlette - Elementalist (72), Sionne - Rescue Knight (73), and Emilia - Emilia (72). Other characters in the quaters are - Catherine the Summoner named Rosemarie (34), Catherine of STR named Rosemaire (26), Brunie named Belladonna (54), Soso (Feng Ling) named Ling (34), Angie named Loisi (29), and a lot more.

Do you have a faction? If yes, what is its name?
I currently don't have a faction, since i would like to keep myself "single" until I reach Veteran. However, i would join a Royalist faction just because i like Princess Gabriella.

How did you hear about SOTNW?
I was always a
Granado Espada lover. I once played on Thailand's GE server, but I am quite illiterate in the language, besides speaking it. So one of my friends kept bugging me to quit it and join her in SotNW, which is in full English. I was interested at first, but my internet was horrible, so I did not download it at the time.

What made you decide to start playing SOTNW? And what keeps you playing it now?
First of all, the graphics.
Granado Espada has one of the best model and textures ever seen online. The beautiful time period, the wonderful costumes, the hot male characters (Gavin is all mine!!) , the glamorous seas and a expanding world. Second, the community. The SotNW community is friendly, kind, and somehow, quite low in population. What keeps me playing now are the monthly updates, in-game friends (whee Liberata!), in-game goals, and the never-ending community support.

What aspect of the game do you like best?
The graphics. As i mentioned earlier, there are beautiful girls and hot, steamy, sexy male characters. The glamorous costumes, the detailed cities, the pretty effects and the feeling of the 16, 17, and 18th Centuries. What drives me crazy about GE is the lack of character customization. I was about to commit suicidal at the first time I saw that you need to look like the other ten thousands of other warriors, scouts, musketeers, wizards and elementalists. However, I forced myself to give it a try, and it worked. I became a
Granado Espada addict. Due to mainly the male swimsuits (Male Musketeer please - wow, hot tattoos!) and my friends (yay Liberata!).

Thoughts on the differences between GE and SOTNW?
I think Granado Espada has a laggier community, but has a lot more population. Total opposite of SotNW. However, GE has better translations and ideas, but SotNW is far more creative in including the community. I heard that GE's economy is more of a "Pay me, or I won't love you" type of economy. I don't know if this is true, but correct me if I'm wrong. That's all I have to say.

you know you love me
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Much love and thanks to Scarlette for her wonderful interview ^^


DeSanggria said...

The beautiful time period, the wonderful costumes, the hot male characters (Gavin is all mine!!)

hey..gavin's mine, dammit! >:) and it's not gavin in SOTNW but GYGAX hahaha. gavin sounds sexier. :p

on a more serious note, i'd have wanted to know more about the intricate differences of SOTNW and seaGE (like the economy, the dynamics of their pk and non-pk servers, their cash shop, etc.), but this is nonetheless an interesting read.

perhaps you can ask scarlette some more details? :)

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

you two can squabble over Gavin / Gygax [GYGAX? was someone mainlining Dungeons and Dragons?] all you want.

for Bai Hu is MINE!

i forwarded your comments on the comparisons/contrasts between SEA/ANZ GE and SOTNW to Scarlette, and asked if she was willing to get into that discussion.

DeSanggria said...

i'm lusting after bai hu too hahahaa..

man, i love GE and all the hot guys. XD

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

...but, but, i got him first! you said you were a Gavin girl! XD

yeah, hot guys, hot girls, what else could you want? GE rulez.