Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Version 2.6: the Korean and English trailer video

Oh my! Has NineMoons finally made that grammatical mistake? Why is she talking about only one video when the entry looks like it has two videos embedded???

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Today at the SEA/ANZ GE official home page: Version 2.6: The Requiem Trailer Video.

Embedded in that post is the following English teaser, dated 12 June 2008:

[Note: Try to find Bai Hu in the trailer. He's near the lower-right corner of the screen during the part where a bunch of families charge that new, brown GHG-type monster.]

But wait, there's more! This English trailer is actually the translated version of this Korean teaser for GE version 2.6, and among the people who posted it to YouTube were the Reclusion brothers! Their upload was dated 9 January 2008:

Anyway, the important features in the videos include: Selva in action, the romantic rivalry between the Jameson brothers Edward and Gavin, the continuing war between the Republicans and the Royalists - is Sir Lyndon now caught between a rock and a hard place? - and, of course, the Giants' Land!

...Now, all we need is an announcement of when this patch is coming out!

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