Thursday, August 21, 2008

Third Civilization: High Level Armors

In this update, just a few of the lovely new armors upcoming in Granado Espada Third Civilization:

This first one you're already familiar with, as it was one of the original teaser images / concept art for Version 3.0. Lovely colors and artwork. Here's what some of those armors look like in actual renders:

The first part of this quick teaser trailer shows many of the costumes as they look on the actual in-game stock characters.

Actual art now being used at the kGE official website.

We still don't know what this primary-colors armor series is called, though.

This next set of armors we DO know about. In kGE and [upcoming] jGE, these following armors constitute the
Cinderella Leblanc series.






Lovely eye-candy for you to dream about during maintenance ^^

NEWSFLASH: Straight from the RCM: Hrin says that the tentative schedule for upload of Third Civilization to SEA / ANZ Granado Espada is by December 2008. Proof! [Scroll down to the comments.]

Picture of concept art for first set of costumes from
Third Civilization teaser trailer video from YouTube user
Scout/Wizard/Elementalist picture from
Cinderella Leblanc screenshots from

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