Saturday, August 23, 2008

Selva Norte: Armor Recipe


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Taking a break from the deluge of Third Civilization posts, let's return to discussing one more detail of the elusive but much-sought-after RNPC, she of the rapier and the honkin' large cyborg arm, Selva Norte.

And in fact, there's a point to me saying she has a honkin' large cyborg arm. From an update at, here's the recipe for Selva's exclusive left-arm armor:

1 x Chain Bracer - the folks at are not quite sure which one is being referred to, as there is a Lv40 version as well as a Lv80 version. Best to get both.

20 x Composite Steel

20 x Cast Iron

20 x Solvent

So far, so good. All of these items are easy to find, buy, or, in the case of the Composite Steel and Cast Iron, forge in Cite de Reboldoeux. Click the link for the recipes.

Here's the final ingredient. Even makes the comment that while Selva herself is a storyline RNPC and does not require the use of premium items to acquire, her armor puts her in the category of "pay" characters simply because she can't really achieve her full potential or use without it.

The last ingredient:

50 x Mystery Powders

[Cue groans and cries of "Waaah, I need to top up my G-Points again!"]


Manny said...

Well, if you want more, that's when you'll have to pay! :D

Getting the fullest Granado Espada experience is never that easy... :P

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