Monday, September 15, 2008

Celebrating ONE YEAR since Granado Espada PH Commercial Launch! - Fireworks Round Two

[The second in today's series of posts on the celebration of Granado Espada PH's first year since Commercial Launch.]

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[WARNING - picture-heavy post, please wait for the screenshots to load.]


We promised fireworks in the City of Auch at 12 noon and 6 pm - and here are the 6 pm screenshots from Carracci and Cervantes!


Fireworks in Carracci!

Fireworks in Cervantes!

I repeat: this is a player-organized in-game event. We're still waiting for news on any real-life official celebrations.

Sorry about there being no Pachelbel or Vivaldi shots. [I don't have families there.] And there are no Caravaggio shots in this round because I guess people were busy?

Also, if you're in Carracci, please join us again at 9pm as Outcasts Faction, the last all-Filipino faction in the server, puts on its own fireworks display in Auch!

Mabuhay Granado Espada PH!

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