Thursday, September 18, 2008

A GE PH anniversary event on the 27th?

I'm still working on the feature on the GE Gamer Girls Season 1 initiative, and spent a couple of hours coming up with this graphic, which I intend to put into the article:

NineMoons GEGamerGirlsSeason1 Banner

I'm no great shakes at Photoshop obviously, but I like the night effect ^^


And now for some potentially important news where the GE PH community is concerned.

I keep a tracker for Granado Espada and Sword of the New World news in one of my email accounts, so every day the service emails me the titles and relevant sentences of whoever in the world writes about, blogs, or mentions those two titles over the Internet.

Last night my tracker sent in news from a rather, shall we say,
unexpected source: the blog of CABAL Online PH's Community Manager Jay. Here's the link: Globe and e-Games Live Event at SMX!

The important part is the second separated paragraph, which I quote below in its entirety.
In line with this, e-Games will also have activities for Dance Battle Audition, Top Speed, and Granado Espada- as they celebrate their anniversary.
Now, the speculation since the meeting with CM Aethrin is that the anniversary of GE PH might well take place in the last two weeks or so of September, since they've been kind of short on time to prepare. This has been somewhat boosted in the statements made by the CM himself when DeSanggria interviewed him; in particular this question and answer:
[DeSanggria:]I hear that you (or e-Games for that matter) is in the thick of hosting the GE PH anniversary this month. Are there any plans/activities that you have in mind? If so, what are those?

[CM Aethrin:]Yes, we have the activities lined up for the GE anniversary and we will communicate it to all players once everything’s settled and finalized.
So, can someone from e-Games please help the community out by releasing a few more details? It's kinda funny, we had to learn this from another game's CM altogether....

[I created a forum topic also so that we can discuss this further. Linky: September 27 GE event at SMX? Please Confirm/Deny!]

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