Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What NineMoons is up to this week

First, some screenshots:

In Carracci: Anthy NineMoons, Shandre NineMoons, and Luhne NineMoons

In Cervantes: Tuon NineMoons, Aurana NineMoons, and Chimal NineMoons

In Cervantes: Ichigiku NineMoons, Ravashi NineMoons, and Anjali NineMoons.

What are they all looking at? It might have something to do with my major project for this week. It has something to do with the wonderful ladies of the GE Gamer Girls Season 1 initiative. Please watch out for it by Friday!


Your linkage for today:

DeSanggria interviews the new GE Philippines Community Manager, CM Aethrin! Learn more about the new CM and what he's got planned for the GE PH community!

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