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[LAUNCH] The fourth post: 16 September, SM North Edsa the Block - e-Games Evolution

The fourth in a series of posts documenting the Granado Espada launch events in the Philippines, taking place over the weekend of 15-16 September 2007.

Featuring smaller pictures for easier reading and navigation.

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The day after the Granado Espada Commercial Launch Day/Night Raids at One Esplanade was marked by yet another GE-related feast: the kickoff program for the IP e-Games Evolution series of roadshows. This series of activities will take the redesigned e-Games logo and the consolidated roster of MMOs all over the country, from schools to malls to internet cafes.

By consolidated I mean that e-Games is now promoting Granado Espada along its other games: Ran Online, O2 Jam, Dance Battle Audition, Supreme Destiny, Battle Position, and Dreamville. Previously, GE was being promoted by e-Games's sister company IP-Interactive; now, one company promotes all of these popular games. And the roadshow was designed to call attention to that very fact.

I got to the venue, the Block at SM North Edsa, at around noon and saw that the preparations for the day's event were nearly complete. pCM Veya, fresh from the Night Raid and the previous day's activities, was helping set up the GE booth. She also gave a short welcoming message during the program.

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pCM Veya and her sunglasses at the GE booth.

The GE booth, located directly at the entrance of the activity area, boasted eight PCs for use during the 3v3 PvP tournament and to help new users register within the game. Two standees flanked the booth opening:

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The return of the hard-working male musketeer.

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A new female elementalist standee, this one dressed in the Elementalist robes and already in battle.

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The GE sign at the back of the booth, flanked by two columns.

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The rules for the 3v3 PvP mini-tourney, on a banner next to the male musketeer.

Two GE-related cosplayers showed up at this event:

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The winner of the GE cosplay at the Day Raid, the female elementalist.

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Me and the model wearing a Le Blanc costume. [Thanks to Ms. Ivee for the correction!]

Once again, e-Games President and COO Steve Tsao made the opening remarks of the event.

I also got a quick interview with him at the venue. He said that the redesigned logo, arrived at after much trial and error and consultation with the constituent player communities, heralded a relaunch of the company to include celebrated titles such as Granado Espada and upcoming releases under its aegis. He emphasized that the free-to-play games would remain free-to-play forever, and that they would be bringing in more free-to-play games, as well as games with new business models, to cater to more segments of the gaming public.

Next month, he promised that there would be major statements regarding the acquisition/release of new game titles. Now there's something to look forward to!

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Mr. Tsao gets interviewed by Hero TV.

GE Product Manager Ivee Feria reprised her Powerpoint presentation from the 15 September press launch, and even gave away some really cool prizes during the trivia questions: the coveted door hangers and postcards, and more pairs of Divine Angel Wings.

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Ms. Feria during her presentation.

It seemed like a lot of fun was had by all at this kickoff event. And since it's a roadshow, expect these booths and activities, and a lot more fun, as they make their way around the country!


Final post: last but not the least, new friends and introductions~!

To view all the pictures from the event, please click on this Photobucket album: Granado Espada launches.


Ivee said...

Great pictures!

One itty bitty erratum: The wizard model is wearing a Le Blanc costume, not Clara Mago :D

Otherwise, great coverage!

NineMoons Family said...

@ ivee

corrected, and thank you!

glad you enjoyed the coverage ^^

Veya said...

nice job on the article!

ahahahaha, the sun was hurting my eyes and i didn't had any sleep for the past 3 nights, i had to put my sunglasses on. XD~

thanks again, and hope to see you soon on future events!

NineMoons Family said...

@ veya

hope to be invited to many more events in the future, hint hint :)