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[LAUNCH] The second post: 15 September, Mall of Asia - press luncheon and upcoming patches

The second in a series of posts documenting the Granado Espada launch events in the Philippines, taking place over the weekend of 15-16 September 2007.

Featuring smaller pictures for easier reading and navigation.

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In the previous entry I talked about some of the event preparations for the Granado Espada Commercial Launch [Day and Night Raids] at One Esplanade, and featured some of the cosplayers, factions, and decorations.

Now I'm going to talk about the special luncheon hosted by IP e-Games on the same morning, around 12nn. This was for members of the press, including the gaming press, some of the mainstream media such as TV and newspapers, and especially for the online journalists. It was held in the function rooms of Highlands Chinese Palace, an upscale Chinese restaurant in the south wing of the mall.

My own badge at the press luncheon identified me as "GE Blogger/Writer"; the only person so designated.

The e-Games people came out in full force for the launch of their first triple-A title in the Philippines: President and COO Steve Tsao, VP for Marketing Ed Pasion, Corporate Communications head Sheila Rada, GE Product Manager Ivee Feria, and GE Media head Emir Samonte.

The special guests were Mr. Victor Ngo of Cyberworld Corporation in Vietnam, the GE licensee for that country; and three officials from IAH Games in Singapore: Deputy CEO David Ng, Marketing Manager [Marketing & Strategy] Wendy Lim, and Assistant Director for Product Management Jojo Angeles.

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From left to right: Mr. Ngo, Mr. Tsao [standing, with mic] and Mr. Ng.

After their opening remarks came a special video presentation: a message from Granado Espada's creator, Kim Hakkyu. In the video he said he was sorry that he could not come to the launch events because of his tight schedule. He also said that he and his group would continue working to create better content for the game.

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The subtitle reads: I want thank [sic] all of you again for supporting Granado Espada and giving us so much love.

After the video, Ms. Feria gave a Powerpoint presentation detailing not only what Granado Espada is and what the Philippine community has been up to, but also describing the current patch, v.2.1.18, Forgotten Territories.

Included in this portion of the talk were the Premium Item Shop, the new RNPC Irawan, new dungeons and monsters, the Mercenary Contract, and the Baron-related items.

There was also a brief flash on the Republicans/Royalists conflict, including the Party Elections. The slide that particularly caught my eye was the one that showed the costumes now available to the political party leaders. The Royalist Duke/Duchess can wear the Shield of Peace on his/her back; while the Republican President can wear the Sword of Freedom.


Ms. Feria's presentation also contained sneak peeks at the next two patches for GE: Tierra de Muertos and the much-awaited Tropical Island.

Tierra de Muertos ["land of the dead"] features:
- The new RNPCs Cut Lyndon and Eduardo Hingis, who both have the "Summon Grim Reaper" skill.
- A functional necklace, which packs an HP increase bonus.
- The ability to manufacture Lv. 92 Elite items.

Tropical Island features:
- Swimsuits and shades collections. The slide that showed the five stock classes wearing swimsuits brought a chorus of titters from the audience.
- The next-level status after Veteran: Expert status, again accompanied by the extra stat point which can be assigned to a chosen stat.
- Mini-games of chance and 15 new raid dungeons.
- The new RNPCs Selva Norte [rapier], Garcia Hingis [rapier], and Soso [Chapter of Frost/Ice].


Other upcoming features hinted at during the event: in-game anti-bot reporting system; pets; and weapon swapping/hotkeys.


Next post: a comprehensive wrap-up of the Liberty's Wrath National PvP Tournament~!

To view all pictures from the event, please click on this Photobucket album: Granado Espada launches.

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