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[LAUNCH] The third post: 15 September, One Esplanade - Liberty's Wrath finals

The third in a series of posts documenting the Granado Espada launch events in the Philippines, taking place over the weekend of 15-16 September 2007.

Featuring smaller pictures for easier reading and navigation.

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One of the showcase events of the Day Raid of the Granado Espada Commercial Launch in the Philippines was the National Finals of the Liberty's Wrath 5v5 PvP Tournament. Qualifying tourneys were held in the different regions of the country in the weeks leading up to the launch, and the winners were to compete against each other in the finals during the launch itself.

The eight winning teams represented the following regions:
- National Capital Region [teams NCR-1 and NCR-2]
- Northern Luzon [Baguio]
- Central Luzon [Bulacan]
- Southern Luzon [Cainta]
- Visayas [Cebu]
- Northern Mindanao [Cagayan de Oro]
- Southern Mindanao [Davao]

The rules of the finals were the same as in the qualifiers except one:
- all matches 5v5
- players used pre-made accounts on the GE test server, containing the five stock characters and Emilia the Sage, all at Lv. 100 + Veteran status
- weapons and armor were provided
- no item trading or exchange between players
- no unsportsmanlike conduct, uncivil behavior, or rudeness
- the different mechanic involved potions and other consumables: many of the standard consumable items were already provided in the test server accounts, such as HP and SP potions, buff potions, resurrection potions, orbs, and bullets

Fantastic prizes were up for grabs to the 3rd placer, runner-up, and national champion:
3rd Place - 1 Chrysalis Box, 1 pair Divine Angel Wings for each member
2nd Place - 1 Pioneer's Kit Strategy Pack [15 days], 1 pair Divine Angel Wings for each member
1st Place - 1 Pioneer's Kit Strategy Pack [30 days], 10 Ring Boxes, 1 School Uniform Look costume of choice, 1 pair Divine Angel Wings, merchandise from sponsors for each member

All matches during the event were held as best-of-three rounds; on-site coordinators oversaw the teams and enforced the rules of the finals.

Here's how the event played out.

The Eliminations pitted the following teams against each other, in the following order. Winners are indicated in italics:
NCR-2 vs Cainta
Cagayan de Oro vs Cebu
Bulacan vs Davao
NCR-1 vs Baguio

The four winning teams immediately went to the Semifinals:
Cainta vs Cebu
Davao vs Baguio

The Cebu and Baguio teams made way for the 3rd Place match:
Cainta vs Davao

And finally, the event was capped by the Championship match:
Baguio vs Cebu

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3rd Place - Team Davao [Carracci: Cabagnaughty, CaBankai, Cabagnoot, Cabagnut, CabagnotA
Yes, there seemed to be a theme in the members' names.

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2nd Place - Team Baguio [
Cervantes: HeavensFence, DeathGod, Saints, oGTo, DeathAngels]
They came armed with a banner stating that they were all proud members of Anonymous faction.

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1st Place - Team Cebu [Cervantes: Arcleaumont; Pachelbel: Gakitsu, Deathwolf, Encabo, Knightfall
The only "mixed" team, and the team that went through the finals with a nearly unblemished record. They lost only one round, to Team Baguio during the Championship match.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Next post: details of the 16 September e-Games Evolution Roadshow at the Block, SM North Edsa, with special GE features~!

To view all the pictures from the event, please click on this Photobucket album: Granado Espada launches.

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